Nokia Lumia 1520 - Share your screen with Nokia Screen Beamer

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Share your screen with Nokia Screen Beamer

Do you have a presentation or document on your phone that you want to show on a bigger screen?

Use the Nokia Screen Beamer app to easily share your phone's screen on any other screen with

internet access.
1. On the device you want to use to share the screen, go to

2. On the start screen of your phone, swipe left, and tap Nokia Screen Beamer.

3. On the Nokia Screen Beamer web page, scan the QR code with your phone.

4. To update the screen, shake your phone.

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Tip: To update the screen automatically, tap . To stop, tap .

5. To stop sharing your screen, press the lock key, or in the Nokia Screen Beamer app, tap stop.

Tip: Nokia Beamer, the updated version of Nokia Screen Beamer, is available in Store, free of

charge. When you install Nokia Beamer, it replaces Nokia Screen Beamer in your phone.
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