Nokia Lumia 1520 - Share your screen with Nokia Beamer

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Share your screen with Nokia Beamer

Do you have a presentation or document on your phone that you want to show on a bigger screen?

Use the Nokia Beamer app to easily share your phone's screen on any other screen with internet

1. On the start screen of your phone, swipe left, and tap Nokia Beamer.

2. To share on a nearby screen, go to on the target screen. In the Nokia Beamer app,

tap Share nearby, and scan the QR code with your phone.

3. You can also share your phone's screen with someone far away. To send a link by text message,

mail, or social media, tap Share remotely and Messaging, Email, or Social media.

4. To update the screen, shake your phone.

Tip: To update the screen automatically, tap auto update in the Nokia Beamer app.

5. To stop sharing, press the lock key, or in the Nokia Beamer app, tap stop beaming.

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